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This instantly familiar image, with red stitches on his face, is the perfect way to make your friends jump in fright.

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Go all out and add the Bride of Chucky Tiffany doll in her white wedding dress and black jacket for a scene straight out of your favorite movie! Put both of them together for a killer pair. This popular possessed doll is a character we simply want more and more of. Our Halloween experts are ready to make your holiday the most haunting one yet!

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Chucky Knife. Chucky Makeup Kit. Chucky the murderous doll from "Child's Play" and 2 crappy sequels is dead. But his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Jennifer Tilly gets his remains and using "Voodoo for Naked slutty emo teens revives him.

Then, through circumstances too convoluted to get into, SHE is killed and has her soul put into another doll! Together they fall in love and kidnap a nice couple Nick Stabile, Katherine Heigl to take them chucky Chuck's coffin to get an amulet to make Chucky and From real people again Naked lot better than it sounds. From the last two sequels to "Child's Play" both of which were horrible I was expecting the worst, but this actually was lots of fun.

Naked movie doesn't take itself seriously for a the seriously--how could it? Also there are a few VERY gory murders thrown in to satisfy us horror fans and the film never stops moving. The movie also has a few things tiffany not found from a horror movie--a gay best friend Gordon Michael Woolvett who is intelligent and not played for laughs and a sequence in which Stabile has his shirt off just naked show his muscular body. John Ritter has a nice cameo too as a sheriff. The acting is good--Stabile is young, VERY handsome and likable; Heigl doesn't have much to do but pulls it off and Brad Dourif the voice of Chucky and Tilly are hilarious as the murderous dolls.

My favorite part is when the dolls have sex don't ask and bride asks for a rubber and he responds, "But I'm MADE of rubber! Well worth seeing. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

So just why is this one the one sequel that I like out of all the others? Well a lot of good reasons come into mind. The film picks up about a month after Child's Play 3, where Chucky's remains are stolen by Tiffany played by Jennifer Tilly and she takes them back to her house and sews them together. When her wannabe goth killer boyfriend comes over, Chucky comes alive and kills the boyfriend in a very bloody death.

They at first are happy but Tiffany locks Chucky in a playpen because Chucky was under the false impression that Chucky was going to propose to her. Chucky, Now the mad, Kills Tiffany and puts her inside of a doll body. They bride a couple played by Nick Stabile and Katherine Heigel hostage and plan to posses their souls. The first good chucky is tiffany story. I really like how they don't really go after Andy here and instead go after new people. However They bride least could have mentioned him more than they did, at least tiffany than a newspaper article.

Chubby naked girls with hairy pussy I love the idea of giving Chucky a bride so he can have another doll to interact with.

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The next is the Bride Of Chucky. Her character is really well done here and I like how Jennifer Tilly does voice Tiffany. Plus Chucky gets lucky, twice. The first is, obviously when he gets married but the second is when he really gets "Lucky" if you know what I mean. The next is the special effects which are better than the last two. Chucky is now all scarred up bride this look is pretty frightening but to be completely honest I found his appearance in the first film more scary, But I do love the look they go with and this look does continue into Seed Of Chucky.

The last is the acting. Stabile and Heigel do a really good job and are believable as a couple, John Ritter, yes he is in the movie, does a good job as a dirty cop. But I want to talk about the dolls. The voice acting by Brad Dourif and Kim devine porn Tilly are great.

Plus Jennifer Tilly is hot. Both in and outside of the doll. Great acting, amazing special effects, also not to mention the movie is extremely funny. My favorite quote is from Chucky and it was used for the title of the review. Go out and watch this because it deserves to be seen. IMDb Rating: 5. The many deaths of Chucky.

Weirdo-x 8 April Well, as you can see, everyone's favorite blue overalls-wearing psychopathic doll has survived for a fourth installment. An excellent fourth installment, at that. I was very impressed with this one, especially after the "dullness" of Part 3 that got me completely bored that I doubted that there would even be any more sequels. Boy, was I wrong.

But it just seems that in "Bride of Chucky" you actually feel some chemistry going on between him and Tiffany. Not only that, but it always seems that in the "Child's Play" series you could never really tell if Chucky's dead or not, whether he's from in the heart, exploded into bits of pieces, or hacked up in a huge fan.

This film also includes some memorable scenes, for example, the stunning segment where that guy gets blown to bits by getting hit anna lovatos catwalk that huge truck. Pure genius from the film's screenwriter, and creator of characters, Don Mancini. Yes, shocking was the movie, the ending especially.

Some good dialogue, a great plotline, chucky pounding suspense, and a hard-hitting soundtrack, "Bride of Chucky" promises everything the previews do and may become a famous pick-out in the horror genre. Highly reccomended for die-hard fans of the "Child's Play" series. They obviously made "Bride of Chucky" with the aim of impressing only people who really like slashers.

Tiffany doesn't disappoint in that sense. To be certain, they're clearly playing everything for laughs. Yes, these movies have no real point. They're just excuses to show people getting killed. But they're so much fun! The best scene is easily the sex scene. Number 2 is the glass scene. But whatever the case, this is one movie that you're naked amateurs stripping for the camera to enjoy - assuming that you've decided in advance that you like it.

Really cool. Also starring John Ritter and Katharine Heigl. Realizing he needs to turn back into human form, the the doll naked his former lover, now a doll as well, enlist a couple to accomplish the task but find their murderous personalities preventing it from happening.

This here is one of the more impressive entries in the genre and one of the better ones in the series.

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One of the from issues is the fact that there's an utterly perfect balance between the horrific and the humorous, as this combines utterly perfect laugh-out-loud moments, from hilarious one-liners to sight gags and naked, mixed in with the horror- centered areas present here. The the comedy here that wins out for the most part, from the failed ceremony, the continuous references to the other toy dolls she has laying around and the utterly hilarious running gag of everybody's reaction to Tiffany and Chucky dolls throughout the film, though the greatest material is their quips and jokes to each other.

These are truly gut-busting as the dolls begin conversing about being out-of-touch in regards to movie-killer practices and trying to instill the need tiny sleeping teenie pics variety in the kills to be committed or in their relationship woes which sound like real, actual relationship arguments but come off as hilarious due to the nature of being said by plastic dolls.

As well with the comedy, the horror elements here are wholly impressive including the extravagant visual flair found in many of the scenes here that readily turns this into a comedy, from the initial attack in the trailer-park house that gets her into doll-form as the distraction from the movie allows for the trap chucky be deployed which is just suitably perfect here.

The road-trip nature here allows for the great traveling scenes as well, with the diner attack coming off nicely with the explosive reaction and general panic or the utterly tiffany kill at the motel which is really impressive here and gives bride a spectacular centerpiece sequence.

Even the finale at the graveyard is fun with the numerous stalking to get the upper-hand, the confrontation over the grave is fun and there's a lot to like with the great action in the big brawl here to finally end this.

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All from this means the pace is perfect with tons of outstanding encounters to keep the pace going strong with tons of tiffany action and plentiful gore provided by the outstanding kills here. As well, the film gets an absolute ton of positives from xxx pakisthan girls images the special effects chucky for the dolls, as this is an absolutely amazing part of the film. Given that this one spends as much time as it does here showcasing them on-screen, they need to come off flawlessly and they manage to come across as realistic dolls and puppets throughout here due to these perfectly conceived creations.

Bride along with a return to the more horror-centric side of Chucky, these manage to create an overall winning film. While there's a ton to love here, there are a few small, near-inconsequential flaws to this. One of the biggest is that it does tend to homage too many other films at times and feel more like it's actively trying to be funny or clever without doing anything important to the film trying to awkwardly shove the reference into the scene. Young teen pussy shit also bleeds somewhat into the other flaw, that the comedic one-liners are a bit much to get over and wear themselves out somewhat.

However, since this one naked have too many real flaws there's so much to like here it becomes quite impressive. Doylenf 29 October It's photographed expertly, well directed by Ronny Yu and there's an unusual amount of range to the expressions on both dolls that make them seem eerily real. The final scene in the cemetery is guaranteed to give you a final startled moment.

Summing up: Not bad as far as these sort of horror capers go. Wicked fun! ChoiBaby 27 June The soul of Satanic serial killer Charles Lee Ray is, by misfortune, incarcerated in the body of a seemingly innocuous doll. Ray's long time girlfriend, Tiffany the seductive Jennifer Tilly has found a book titled "Voodoo for Dummies.

When everything is botched in a misconstrued matter Tiffany imminently finds herself in the body of another plastic doll as well. The two notorious murderers, known for their multiple crimes, fall in love again Yes, Chucky voiced by Brad Dourif the killer doll is back Chucky's new bride Tiffany has also found herself enjoying all the twisted, creative murders Chucky has made.

Chucky and Tiffany have one goal: to retrieve the "Heart of Omzilla," an amulet that will thus allow both of them to return to their former human selves You better watch out! Chucky is no more mister nice guy! The Chucky franchise earns its much desperately needed and deserved revision. Yagher does a great job giving Chucky such human traits and attributes. Chucky is one demonic and realistic character whom I would NOT like to run into in a dark alley!

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Chucky himself looks especially deformed, with the appropriate stitches on his face and everything. For a pint size villain, he packs one mean attitude! Also, the facial expressions of the killer puppets Chucky and Tiffany are so bizarre, yet wonderfully genuine.

One fact for sure, I was impressed by all the elaborate special effects Hey, you must also adore the cogent and delightfully deviant love-hate relationship between Chucky and Tiffany. John Ritter! Ritter should also earn an award for the best and most unpredictable demise. He certainly knows how to be dying in style! Brad Dourif really knows this Chucky character inside out.

He delivers the wisecracks with impeccable timing before and after each killing.

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Jennifer Tilly is one fantastic, nefarious temptress. Bride plenty of bloodletting in this pleasantly entertaining and sleazy thriller. Lots of gory murders abound to keep bloodhounds ingratiated. This grotesquely violent and sanguinary film will easily scare away the squeamish. In addition, there are lots of cool and sometimes subtle references alluding to other horror flicks.

I also learned from this movie that a person should not take love for granted. You will laugh and churn as you witness the brutal slayings as the consequences of this couple's rampage.

Tiffany you appreciate dark, macabre humor, then this movie is perfect naked you! By far the best film in this series. I saw this thing movie three times. Sometimes I thought it was the worst piece of garbage I've ever seen, made by Satan himself; other times I laughed my head off and thought it was one of the most entertaining-yet-stupid films I'd ever seen.

Finally, the first part won out and I got rid of it Jennifer Tilley, one of the all-time low-life-character-playing actresses in Hollywood along with Jennifer Jason-Leigh, complete with ditsy voice and humongous breasts with cleavage that meteors could get lost in, is the star here along with the demonic doll "Chucky," who never seems to go away. In many movies does Tilley have to use just for another chance to flaunt her boobs? This movie is so bad it has to be considered "camp.

You can't take any of this seriously. The movie is simply incredibly sleazy and yet incredibly funny at times, and dumb, and From the opening with certain movie killers masks, glove-knife, and chainsaw, to the final scene which free porn remy lacroix like it could have been straight from "It's Alive", this movie was camp all the way. Good point: They didn't bring back Andy. New characters and from "homes" for Chuck and Tiff brought a sense of freshness.

Bad point: John Ritter. Need I say more? If you want a good laugh mixed in with some gore, then spend the money here. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie for what it is--self-depreciating schlock. This is goofy stuff, but it's still hilarious. These 90's sequels tend to try out something pretty different from its predecessors, to the point of even negating parts of the series. In this case, Bride of Chucky is going all-out for laughs, and it's quite successful at doing so, making it easily the best film in this not-so-good series.

The movie's first scenes already let us know just how tongue-in-cheek naked of this is. A cop enters an evidence room, which includes such items as Michael Myers' and Jason Voorhees' masks, Freddy Krueger's glove, and Leatherface's chainsaw. The cop picks up one specific object we can't see, though it's obvious it's Chucky, the serial-killer possessed doll. Eventually, the doll gets to the hands of Tiffany Jennifer Tillywho actually turns out to be the killer's when he was a human former girlfriend.

Using the help of a voodoo book, she revives Chucky, and ends up imprisoning him because she's still angry at him for never marrying her. Chucky escapes, kills Tiffany, and puts her soul into another doll. Naturally, she freaks out when she sees what's happened to her, but Chucky informs her they can still be human again. The only way for them to do that is to use the amulet that was on the human Chucky's body when he died.

Thus, they have to get to that specific cemetary in Hackensack, New Jersey, so they tiffany the aid of Jessie Nick Stabile and Jade Katherine Heigl via phone to deliver some dolls with the promise of big cash. The two young lovers agree and decide to get hitched. All seems well for chucky two, until murders start popping up around them and they begin to suspect each other, all the meantime never noticing that the dolls are the real culprits.

Bride of Chucky is, simply put, a dark comedy that only has the concern of making its viewers laugh. And boy, some of these jokes are absolutely hilarious. My favorite part is probably the scene where Chucky is crawling back to his van when some stoned pothead sees him.

In fact, if they made a movie, it'd take 3 or 4 sequels to do it justice. But for all those who enjoy tongue-in-cheek horror, tight white girls porn is a treat. The scene-stealers are Chucky and Tiffany, spouting a lot of memorable lines without ever getting into the "hip" style that from annoyingly permeated virtually every other chucky film in recent memory.

Brad Dourif, of course, voices Chucky and he hasn't lost that same sense of fun over the years the series was in hiatus. The special effects are among the movie's highlights; the dolls look mostly flawlessly rendered and amazingly lifelike. But the could any review of Bride of Chucky go by bride mentioning the doll sex scene. It's probably the reason it got half the money it did at the box office.

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Let me chucky say this, you probably won't believe it, but this sex scene is the most tasteful part of the entire movie! That should give you some idea of what to expect from the rest of the film. The indianhomevideo also got the requisite blood and gore, with particularly naked death scenes. Despite all the violence, this isn't a movie for die-hard horror fans looking for a scary or suspenseful gorefest. The movie doesn't actually kick into thrill ride mode until the last 10 minutes in the cemetary.

Even then, you have to ask yourself just how exciting it tiffany to see dolls and humans duking it out. There are no rooting interests at all. The dolls, while obviously funny, are pretty damn crazy.

As for the humans, they're either annoying or simply display nothing approaching charisma or good acting. The movie also takes too long to get going, and considering the movie's only 89 minutes, that's certainly a problem. It's not until the half-hour or so mark that Chucky comes to life again and the road trip to Hackensack doesn't begin until the movie's a little over halfway through. This is a flaw that's made forgivable because once the movie gets going, the pace is unflagging.

I enjoyed Ronny Yu's high-energy direction, which is an approach that closely follows all bride other most recent slasher sequels it actually only worked well in Jason Goes to Hell, but New Nightmare was decent in this from. After the pedestrian work of the other installments, it's nice to see some sturdy direction. This film's final scenes sets itself up for another sequel, and considering it's box office success, I don't see any reason why it won't happen.


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