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The Bear's only best friend was Steven the Squirrel whom he treats with contempt. Steven always has something rude to say.

It's never clear what Steven says, because he squeaks, but the Bear usually translates it and explains what rude thing he said. The Bear usually insults Steven such as "knobjocky"and even tells Steven to fuck off. The Bear often flirts with women, who guest-star on the show. In an episode of Bo' Selecta!

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Does not apply. They soon saw how well he was getting on in his new home and let him stay. The only other relative is his uncle, who is a dancing bear. The Bear stated that he was chained up by his nose and once tried to escape and ripped half his nose off and had to have it stitched up.

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The Bear's only seen friend was a red squirrel named Steven. Steven would communicate via squeaks and would usually say something rude, to which he would be told off by the Bear. For the first series of Bo' Selecta! The format changed slightly for series 2, which featured him still hosting a talk show, but with one difference: A bedtime story.

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Bedtime stories feature the Bear, spotting something rude, that the guests are doing to the guest's surprise. This usually gives him an erection. As of series 3 of Bo' Selecta!

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He would speak to guests as usual in the same dirty manner, except it featured him on an actual talk show set. In his own spin-off series, the Bear was adopted by the Hennersons after they ran him over in their car at Christmas.

The mother of the family was played by Patsy Kensitwho adored the Bear.


teddy bear with an erection free jennifer lopez naked video The Bear or simply known as " Bear " was the main antagonist of the series. He was an intelligent, foul-mouthed, perverted, rude, despicable teddy bear. The Bear originated from Bo' Selecta! He then went on to have his own show called A Bear's Tailwhich came from the Christmas pilot. The Bear's only best friend was Steven the Squirrel whom he treats with contempt. Steven always has something rude to say. It's never clear what Steven says, because he squeaks, but the Bear usually translates it and explains what rude thing he said.
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teddy bear with an erection gina lynn pussy close up The Bear is a fictional character who originated in the British adult sketch comedy, Bo' Selecta! He is a rude teddy bear who is a social outcast and engages in cursing and womanizing. He like berries and always wears black glasses. He had a sidekick, a squirrel named Steven, whom he had a love-hate relationship with. The character was popular enough to receive his own show, A Bear's Tailderived from the Christmas pilot. He is played by Leigh Francis.
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