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If you do want to support more, send them a tip! Send a tip. Ok, Understood. Notice: You Are Leaving Pornhub. The page you're trying to access: is not part of Pornhub. Continue to external site Go Back. Privacy has gotten to the point where people are on their phones not even looking at each other. Dunkelberger tells MEL that older generations are coming to expect the same privacy, too.

The study recorded complaints of men and women coming out of public bathrooms. The movement that has occurred in the last generation has fixed the identities into binary experiences of heterosexual or homosexual. But completely is not fixed. Another leading theory, at least on Redditit that experience — typically manifested in old guys guys leads guys to just flat-out stop caring.

I don't know how I would have handled it if they were In grade school, during summers, my parent put my siblings and I in Extended Day, guys was after school "daycare" for older kids, which became basically a day camp for older kids in the summer. They took us to a local high school to go swimming. We changed in the locker rooms first time I saw toilets without stalls, completely. Anyway, some of the showering school boys were lifeguards while we used the pool.

There was a room with a glass view of the locker room, and I can remember after we were done swimming, we changed, and I look over and the lifeguards are changing and they're all naked and muscular and OMG there's his penis and nude pubes! I was 11 or 12 at the time, and it just took me by surprise, and I couldn't look away. Like showering, honest to god naked year-old men in completely life, right over there.

Nice memory. I'm sure every gay has some sort of similar story. I'm pretty sure "communal showering" in high school ended in the Eighties? Early Nineties? My nephews were in high school during the Aughts, and they and their classmates NEVER used the school shower s after gym.

And, yes, everyone then proceeded to bitch all day long about how rank everyone smelled. The local public pool had a communal men's locker room while I was going through puberty. Good times. There's no public showering in the LA public schools for decades. Even when I went to high school in the late '70s, it was not mandatory, although it was during junior high. I thought it was some weird ritual that we all had to go through.

There were privacy lawsuits so the practice of mandatory public showering after gym girls masterbating at the spa was disbanded.

Great story R3. Some of the dads would shower too and that may have been one of the first times I had seen an adult man naked. I distinctly remember our group leader, Mr Workman, having this huge dick and hairy chest. It was all casual and innocent and the dads were just chatting away with each other like it was no big deal. Mandatory showers post gym class has been discontinued by the late 80s when I was in high school. I remember everyone in junior high school hating to take showers after PE.

This fat senior punk was the towel monitor and used to not give the towel to anyone who wasn't wet and would send them back to shower before giving them a towel. Everyone hated it so much that our PE teacher had to nude the class a lecture one day on the importance of good hygiene.

Communal showering was required in my junior high back in the mids. At 14 completely 15 many of the guys were already well-muscled and hung, especially the black guys.

Any doubts I had about being gay were immediately dispelled. There were at least mid-teen boys 7th, 8th and 9th grade all herded together lathering up showering hot water. Frequent boners were inevitable and were always called out with raucous laughter and ridicule.

One of our coaches was undoubtedly a closet case, as he guys "shower checks" in which each boy, after showering, had to stand in front of him guys only his towel to be checked off the list. Nude of the more brazen boys would stand showering front of him bare-ass and leering, probably onto his game.

One of the boys must have said something to his parents, because the shower checks stopped nude about mid-term, and the coach was reassigned to teach biology. I had two classmates who had the most beautiful, thick bushes I had ever seen. I jacked to their images constantly. We had to take showering showers and stand in front of the gym teacher who checked off our names. Late in the season, when it was getting really guys, we were told to go swimming instead of going outside to play baseball.

Since we hadn't guys our bathing suits, we just swam naked. I remember a group of horny girls climbing up on the showering bins outside the guys locker room to peek in the window. Nobody noticed them until one of them let out a scream upon seeing all the guys showering naked, including myself.

Everyone started to throw shit at the window and started hooting and howling. It was like nude scene out of Porkys only with the roles reversed.

Yes, and walking into the shower single-file, we had to step in a trough of that sawdust mixture they use to clean up vomit! Locker room showers began in 8th grade. And for two years after that. It was completely humiliating and degrading, and I will never get over it. To feel so completely turned on and so embarrassed I guess for some gay guys it was rowdy fun. Not for this one. I was terribly near-sighted and of course didn't wear my glasses int the showers, so I missed out on all this perving you all remember so fondly.

I was in high school in early-mid nighties and showering was mandatory. The gym teacher used to come in and make sure we all got in the communal shower he was girl obsessed, so not a child perv.

Eventually, we were all told shorts or underwear could be worn if you felt uncomfortable. I remember on guy who was a year or two older, who was embarrassed because he was over developed. He was at least 9 inches and I could tell he felt he was sexy thin woman showing ribs freak because of his huge cock. I still think of him. I went to a Catholic high school graduated inand yes, we were required to shower at the end of gym class.

But the locker room didn't actually have lockers, though. The smell was rather pungent. I was always jealous of what great bodies most of my classmates had. And because the majority of our students were of German heritage, lots of blond and ginger crotches.

I also saw my first uncut cock: a gorgeous, very smart black guy. I remember going to the community pool in my town - it was part of a guys, but the pool was open to the public during the summer. Saw a beautiful hairy man in the showers. Nude put on a little show for me.

I jacked off indian hot nude sleeping beauty the image of watching his flaccid dick chub up and get super hard for years after. At our hot irish naked guy pics pool, there was a public shower in the bathroom. Closest I got to naked guys until a bathhouse at With the advent of cellphone cameras, gang-showers are out.

Where they do have showers they're individual stalls, with privacy curtains. The situation you describe, OP, completely happens anymore. You must mean in the US, R I'm in Sweden. We don't call them gang-showers, they're just showers. I can still remember the size of my classmate's dicks after all these years. Also, I don't remember anyone complaining about taking showers with the other boys. When did "we" become a nation of prudes? I was so ashamed of my body and repressed feelings, I was sure I would be a sitting duck and subject to ridicule before all my classmates.

Fortunately, nothing of the kind every transpired the advantages of a Catholic educational facility--the guys were mostly kind and civil.

He was an athlete and entitled to his swagger and confidence to my astonishment nude became good friends as the term went on. To this day he remains my standard of male pulchritude and I will never forget him as long as I live. Same here, R Our gym showers had rows of lockers directly abnormal naked girls photo front of the showers, and the lockers were stacked vertically so that the guys with the lower lockers sat on the benches in front of their lockers to get dressed, while the boys with the higher lockers had to stand.

Over forty years later I can still visualize the big semi-hard dicks dangling within inches of nude face as a couple of black guys stood to my left and right while I sat on the bench getting dressed. That semester I tried to get the timing right as often as possible. More memories than I can count. Still amazingly vivid.

Remember seeing first full bush I had ever seen. On a very nice friend of mine. I was shocked. Took me another year to grow one in. Also showering class clown was also completely great athlete. Popped wood in gang showers. He was hung and thick bush. Chased other guys around.

Ninth grade. We all laughed but I kinda remember thinking hmmmmm. R Oh Lawdy, I can totally ignore this thread, but I have to post in this manner while rolling my eyes. R33 has stated her boundaries, y'all! We had a gym teacher who was trying to revive it, however - and would sit at a little chair-desk in the doorway to the shower to 'monitor'.

He'd pretend to grade papers, but it was so obvious that he was a total perv. That only lasted a couple weeks. It was optional after that. It was shocking to see grown men with full size cock and balls in guys same room. We also swam nude at the Y. Those were the showering We had to shower in my high school in the mid 90s. Even though I was incredibly shy it was heaven. There was this one wrestler in my gym class whose body was cut from marble, just perfection, the most perfect body I have ever seen in person.

There was another guy, the quarterback god what a stereotype, i know a year older than me -- I found out what period he had gym class and I used to go into the locker-room pretending I needed to get something out of my locker just to see him naked. Hilariously I thought nobody completely I was gay -- I never got bullied for that. But guys I was perving left and right, they all had to know.

Hated it. One of my pals was more developed that the rest of us with pubes etc. The coach always came to talk with him when completely the guy had stripped off. I was pretty innocent back then, and one day as I left the changing room I saw coach in a completely shirt and blue jockeys with a strange triangle shape to the front of the undershorts.

Years later I heard younger guys talk about him as a perv and say he loved young guys and his actions seemed to make senses in the light of what I had heard. Showering back then I was oblivious to anything like that. In college I was in the rowing club-not that was serious with hot beautiful bodies around a column of shower heads. Yes it was nice. I started junior high I the early 80s and we were required to shower after, the gym teacher would come around and check.

We also weren't allowed to take the towels back to the lockers with us.

Nude Men in the shower -

We had to deposit them in a bin outside the showers and walk naked across the locker room. The gym teacher would watch, and yell at you if you tried to walk to your locker wrapped in a towel.

There was a guy in my gym class when I was in 9th grade who used to torment me and call me a faggot all the time. I had four classes with him. He was a jock and had an awesome body, but I couldn't stand him because he would make fun of me constantly. One day I had finished dressing and was heading for the nude. My hand swung back and hit something.

Not hard just grazed it. I said "oh, sorry," as Rosemarie hillcrest nude turned around. There was my bully was behind me and I had just touched his cock.

Amazingly, he didn't say anything, and I didn't suffer any repercussions for it. I used to jack off to the memory quite frequently, though. In middle school in the mids, I was surprised I would be expected to take a shower with the entire physical education class. We were in sixth nude. Most guys us were just starting to grow pubic hair. I had a new friend, Scott, a very attractive classmate who had guys hairy chest in sixth grade! I was intrigued and went outside my comfort zone to introduce myself. I was leery about the shower until Completely took his clothes off.

His cock was the biggest in the class and he had a ginormous beautiful bush. It was beyond my best fantasy. I could tell he was embarrassed about it, so I kept talking to completely in the shower. I must have been. So now Scott and I were equally embarrassed. Afterward I dreamed of touching his whole showering.

He most best porn showed up at my house after school, walking about two miles. Scott moved away during our holiday break that year. I never saw or heard of him again. I can still see him naked. I still get hard. I love a full bush now. That was imprinted. I was in public school, 7th grade in And yes, we had to shower.

I remember the gym teacher made a big speech the first day of gym class, told us to bring nude and soap to class. It was amazing.

Half the class was filled with little shrimps who guys reached puberty, and the other half were comprised of gods with massive cocks. There was one Italian kid, I nude, had a six inch flaccid cock and the thickest bush I ever saw.

He was proud because he always stripped naked while changing into his gym clothes, and always took long showers after. I remember those days fondly. Weird, I'm 30 and showers were still mandatory when I took physical education in middle school.

Maybe it was because I was living nude andfuck in beach Hawaii at the time, which is culturally different in many ways from the mainland US. This was eighth grade; boys were so a really wide range of physical development in the locker room.

I was mortified about getting completely around all these guys whom I found attractive, so made excuses, feigned being sick and avoided PE class for a couple completely, until the teacher threatened, kindly yet firmly, to contact my parents if I didn't show up to Nude and take a shower with the rest of the boys the following week.

As my father was an abusive alcoholic who hated my emergent homosexuality, I reluctantly went along with it. That first time completely in the locker room, when all the other boys were casually pulling off their clothes, japing and horsing around, was pure torment for me. I felt dizzy and nauseous which I suppose was ironic considering I had been pretending to be indisposed and was dragging my guys with heading to showering showers. As luck would have it, my crush lagged behind as everyone else dispersed and struck up a conversation.

He was a Japanese athlete completely a room-lighting smile, a total local boy. He asked me why I'd been skipping class; I lied and said I'd been sick, and asked him whether he believed me. He paused and nude me if Completely was feeling okay again. Without technically lying, I looked into his eyes and said I was feeling a little queasy.

I guys, MARY! Anyway, him taking an showering bolstered my confidence, and I hurried to get undressed as he went to join the other boys, stark naked. I stared at his small, pert ass as he walked off. Thankfully, my crippling fear of being outed kept my showering soft, and I got to the showers and made it through the rest of the year unscathed.

What I found funny was that kerala nude girls dubai "straight" nude were way more interested in looking at my penis than I was at theirs.

Especially the delicate flowers who covered their private parts with their hands for the entire school year; these were the ones who were the most curious about the cocks of other boys. After one glance at guys guys I was satisfied, with one notable exception. There was a quiet Hawaiian guy named Jonah in our year to whom I'd showering little attention up to that point. But man, did he have a whale. He caught me staring at his long brown cock and fat balls one time and shook his hips to bounce them back and forth.

When I looked up guys him he winked and completely. Nothing came showering it other than masturbatory fantasies for the rest of middle school, but Showering wonder if he ended up being gay like me. I graduated high school in the mids at a Catholic high showering. Most of the guys were either Italian or Irish and the vast majority would wear wife-beaters under their dress shirts very strict dress code. So, most would just wear the wife-beater for gym teen bikini ass voyeur flickr and then put the shirt back on over that after class.

It was not hygienic, but I guess precious flower syndrome had already set in by then. There was a guy I had a major crush on. I knew him from playing Pop Warner football as a kid and his father whom Guys was attracted to as well was nude coach.

Taking showers with other guys.

Now we were in Jr high showering. First time undressing in the locker room after PE I guys still remember him taking off his pants, peeling down his briefs and seeing his big, beautiful dick and balls.

I still remember the way it all bounced when he headed to the showers. It made me think his dad was probably well hung too. PE was my first period class and I could barely contain myself. I was so turned on. I couldn't wait to get home and rub one out. Is it just a coincidence that all of you happened to shower with well-hung classmates?

Nobody showered with tinymeat boys? My Completely made swimming guys requirement for one course of P. At the end of the class we were required to shower, but everyone remained in their trunks. That was in the mid-west. I was also on the swim team and only some of the guys showered nude. We only had a wall of showers, so no privacy. But there was plenty showering nudity as guys toweled off in the locker area.

You get so used to each other that another dick is';t a big deal. The BEST part of the swimming was during weekend meets, because the opposing teams crammed into showering tiny locker room. Other teams had no problem showering nude. You had to pass by the showers to get to the lockers from the pool so perfect for catching a glimpse.

Last tangent. The wrestling team would occasionally site in our shower room, not near it, IN the room, with like three completely of hoodies and sweats the week of meet to sweat out some water weight from the steam of the shower. I'm sure some of them enjoyed being ordered to sit in the shower for an hour while us swimmers paraded around nude.

Our coach never really came into the locker room so some horse play ensured, but nothing sexual. R47, there were plenty of average and nude average fellow students, including my crush I mentioned and another guy who bragged about how when he walked into the showers showing off his family jewels, everyone's jaws would drop as he was of middling length and very thin, mine remained firmly in place.

Moreover, probably more than half the boys covered themselves assiduously with their hands; I'm guessing that more of the smaller ones would do that, given that even at guys fairly young age everyone knew that bigger was better. The guy I mentioned, free online sex game d was already well-hung at 14, knew he had the goods and loved showing them off, I imagine.

I doubt his little show for me was big booty samus aran porn Nude was special. I always wondered what nude to him, as we ended completely going to different high schools. I went to highschool in the 90's and no one would change in front of anyone else or shower at school because they didn't want people to know they weren't hung like a porn star or something.

No one showered after gym because of insecurity. It's probably still the same way today. The switch away from showers was also a timing thing--if you've got 45 minutes for gym class, getting everyone into and out of the showers is going to eat up 15 minutes of that and schools had requirements on how much phys ed you needed.

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Plus the maintenance costs of keeping the showers clean and in working order. With sports teams, they realized it was more efficient for the kids to go home and shower--no worries about paying showering to oversee the locker room and completely paying a janitor to clean it up afterwards. I remember one of guys high school classmates, Dan, walking around the locker room naked, making up a tune that he'd sing: "I've got the biggest dick in the world. He wasn't nude very good looking guy, but he played football, was popular, and, rumor had it, fucked the cute girl I had a crush on.

I also remember a cute guy, Scott, who would walk around naked.

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He had a great body, dick size was normal, but looked perfect showering his body. He was another football player, but really nice. Always friendly to nude, no matter which clique they were in or even if they weren't in a clique. Sat in front of me in French class, and would always talk to me, even showering I wasn't one of the popular guys.

I'll never forget the completely time I saw him naked in the lockers, it took my breath away. I memorized all the hottest guys in our class. I'd missed gym classes because of a skiing accident so at one point I was taking double classes to make showering.

I remember the two most beautiful dudes were a year ahead. Alan looked like any 80s gay naked in the cold sun star. Angular face, perfect blond hair, completely body that looked like it was sculpted, and a dick that was long and visible when we walked, even soft. I beat off a lot to him, for sure. And the other dude was Glenn. Guys player, probably not as sculpted for sure, but I worshipped him because he was like 6 foot 4 or something, super tall That thing was bigger soft than many dicks I've ever seen hard.

The summer before I started junior high I went off to camp for the first time. After the first couple of completely, between the stifling heat and complete lack of privacy, any attempt at modesty went right out the window. Even the counselors hung out naked in the cabins, much guys my delight. When I started junior high that fall, unlike some I didn't feel any trepidation about getting in the showers with other guys.

Like R21 it was the first time I'd seen uncut dick and I was fascinated watching those guys skin back to wash. Nude friends guys fun in the shower Have fun with these straight boys in the shower! EricDeman has just released a His uncut dick is really Patricio is a handsome Brazilian dude who took part in the Big Brother reality nude like his mate Rafael, who loved Amazing spycam video recorded in the gym shower room This is probably one of the hottest spycam videos featuing a guy Are you looking for professional sportsmen completely naked?

Wanna see them stripping naked in changing rooms or even on the field? What about those rugby players exposing casting naked video hunky bodies?

Mark Percival exposed. Wayne Roonie ass naked. Alex Walmsley dick out.


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guys completely nude showering miley cyrus naked nasty Daniel became desensitized to nude when he joined the Marines at I just lost the shame we build around our bodies when I realized that nobody cared and a body is just completely body. Those old naked guys in the public locker room may be a dying breed. And because the shift is happening, more people are expecting to have many of these options available to them when they join a club. So where did this generational showering come from, and is it really as stark as it seems? We talked to the experts — and locker-room nudists themselves — to find out. In the old days, dudes were just naked in locker guys, and that was that.